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15 Funky & Unusual Things To Do In Blackpool

These unusual things to do in Blackpool pack a real punch for a unique day out - where will you go?

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So, you’ve arrived in Costa Del Lancashire, and you’re stuck on what to do while you’re about. Don’t limit yourself to the most basic tourist traps – we reckon you should give these unusual things to do in Blackpool a go.

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1. Comedy Carpet

An ode to typical British humour, this concrete ‘carpet’ is right next to the beach – a great stopping point. The spectacular display was designed and created by artists Gordon Young, in collaboration with Why Not Associates. Find yourself staring at the floor for an alarmingly long time as you read some of the thousands of jokes, catchphrases and songs that honour over 1,000 comedic performers.

2. British Lawnmower Museum

Surely, we’re kidding with this one? Oh, but we’re not. This 1830 invention revolutionised the world as we know it – and robbed a job from sheep across the planet, baaaa. And it’s quite the collection they’ve got going at this museum too – from simple scythes to horse-powered machines, they’ve got all sorts of lawnmowers. This is definitely on the more unique side of our fav unusual things to do in Blackpool.

3. Blackpool Tower Circus

A wonderfully unusual day out in Blackpool, the circus really packs a punch. Mooky and Mr Boo are just the beginning of the show’s antics, with high-flying and death-defying tricks to come. Oh, and there are usually a few seasonal events on too. These guys really know what they’re doing, the circus has been around since 1894 – now that’s something to rave about.

4. The Regent Antiques Craft Centre

Based across three floors of a fully refurbished 1920’s cinema, there was over 50 stalls at this creative centre. From antique furniture to vintage clothing and retro gadgets, you could spend hours exploring the extensive collection of absolute gems here. Oh, and an extra selling point - there’s a vintage tearoom serving delicious cakes and sweet treats. You're bound to find an unusual thing or two at this unmissable Blackpool attraction.

5. Escape Room Centre

Challenge yourself to escape from one of the eight rooms at this ginormous venue – oh, and each room is totally unique from any other you’ve visited before. There are some really jazzy themes to choose from too, go a bit Harry Potter in search for a stolen book of spells or channel your inner FBI agent in defusing a bomb - you really can be whoever you want to be here.

6. Comedy Station Comedy Club

Kick back and get ready to chuckle at Lancashire's only comedy venue. Located just opposite the Blackpool Tower (near to a lot of our other fav attractions), the Comedy Station makes for a great stopping point in Blackpool. Oh, and you expect to see some pretty well-known comedians here too – people from the likes of Mock The Week, 8 Out of 10 Cats and Live at the Apollo.

7. Blackpool Tower Dungeon

This one is perfect for you history buffs out there, it’s a lesson in Blackpool’s gruesome past but with added blood 'n' guts – y'know for the realists out there? Meet some local icons like the Pendle Witches and a well-trained torturer, they bloody love a chat so expect to learn a whole lot about their lives. The Drop-Dead Ride will be sure to have your blood pumping right before you leave too – but those over 18 will be rewarded with a trip to The Red Lion pub, cheers to that.

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8. Blackpool Ghost Walks

Did talk of a spooky attraction pique your interest? Well, you’re in for a real treat with this one. Find yourself exploring Blackpool’s most haunted houses in the dark of the night, hearing the horror stories that have taken place for years and years. Sounds sweet, right? Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. We’d happily go along to one of these walks with a Victorian Ghost Hunter just to mix things up. This is probably our favourite unusual thing to do in Blackpool that you'll actually learn something from.

9. Fishers Lane

Catch a glimpse of how they lived in yester-year at this unique spot in Blackpool. This street is home to houses dating all the way back to the 18th century (that’s like * old * old), and despite being updated with some modern-day bits and bobs, they’re a fab historic gem to stop by. Oh, and the houses are super cute too – think thatched roofs and gable-end chimney stacks on each cottage. Though you can’t explore the interior of these Grade II listed houses (as they are residential homes, and we don’t reckon they fancy visitors – no matter how nicely you ask), just seeing the outside is a sight in itself.

10. Blackpool Sand Dunes

Who knew Blackpool has sand dunes? We definitely didn’t. There are literally hectares of these stunning dunes (also known as the Fylde Sand Dunes), which stretch all the way from Squires Gate down to St Annes Beach. Clamber up these dunes and check out the super unique view of Blackpool – and make sure you take a minute to appreciate the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of species of grasses and plants you’ll find within the dunes.

11. High Tide Organ

This strange, tentacle-looking pillar is actually a sea organ – and what exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, if you arrive at this beautifully bizarre object a couple of hours before or after high tide, your ears will be blessed by otherworldly music wafting through the air. Designed and built back in 2002 by Liam Curtin and John Gooding, the sea organ stands at an impressive 49-feet tall in a curled-up style, and like other sea organs across the world, it uses the motions of the ocean to control its sound.

12. Coral Island

To be perfectly honest, if you’re visiting the area and not stopping by Coral Island, you’re not doing Blackpool right. This well-known and loved family attraction is home to new and retro arcades and even virtual reality games that’ll transport you to a faraway world. Oh, and it’s not just about the games here, there are 5 eateries inside of Coral Island, serving fish and chips, English breakfasts and a plethora of other snacks. Don’t forget to use your ticket winnings to secure some goodies in the prize shop - aka the best part.

13. Peter Rabbit Explore and Play

This one is perfect for young families to get stuck into. Your little ones will absolutely love all the interactive games to take part in at Peter Rabbit Explore and Play. Jumping and dancing around is actively encouraged at this unique Blackpool attraction – especially when searching for the frogs and fishes beneath the water at Jeremy Fisher’s Pond. Oh, and your little ones will be lucky enough to meet the man himself in the Secret Treehouse – rumour has it Peter Rabbit is a stand-up chap.

14. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Not your typical museum by any means, you’ll catch a glimpse of all kinds of bizarre (and wonderful) sights here – including (but definitely not limited to) a 2-headed calf and a portrait of Princess Diana using only coins. You can definitely kill a few hours at this unusual Blackpool spot, there are two floors and eight different themed areas to explore. Oh, and it’s located on the iconic Golden Mile so you can stop by pretty easily.

15. Southport Pier

Standing at one kilometre long, Southport Pier is the second longest in the UK (save that gem of knowledge for your next pub quiz) and has been around for over 150 years. Head for a gander down the pier and finding some spectacular views of Blackpool up north and the River Mersey (and Snowdonia on a good day) if you look south. Though this one is a little outside of Blackpool, it's definitely worth visiting as a unique thing to do in the area.

Oh, and we couldn't forget to share a few honourable mentions...

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This one is a cult-favourite, the cream of the crop, a family go-to - so realistically, why wouldn't you visit? Find yourself hurtling at speeds of upto 137kph on The Big One or keep things more low-key with your little ones at Nickelodeon Land. There's genuinely so much to do at this attraction.

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Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Grab your dancing shoes and hop along to the Ballroom for a whale of a time. Look around at the well-posh balconies, shiny dancefloor and stunning chandeliers as you dance like nobody's watching - we reckon it's the only way to do it. Oh, and if you feel like making a day of it, sign yourself up for Afternoon Tea too - who needs The Ritz?

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