Our guide to the best days out in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a bit of everything – and it’s not nearly as posh as Glaswegians tell you.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

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Department of Magic

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The Edinburgh Dungeon

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Days out in Edinburgh

A dramatic castle perched on an ancient volcano. Clubs that bounce til the wee small hours. Those tasty shortbread biscuits.

If you’re after beer and banter, try Dirty Dick’s or the Shoogly Peg on Rose Street. The Ivy on the Square serves lunch in lush surroundings. Then there’s the Lioness of Leith in Duke Street – always a cool place to hang out.

Kids can see pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. You can learn lively footy chants at Easter Road or Tynecastle. Or watch pale people turn pink when it’s ‘taps aff’ weather in Princes Street Gardens. The New Town’s glam boulevards balance out Old Town closes and crannies. Edinburgh rocks – just as buzzing as London but a lot easier to get around.

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A little nugget about Edinburgh

The only knighted penguin in the world lives at Edinburgh Zoo.

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