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Here are some of the things people ask regularly.

Q. How will I get my tickets?


Your tickets will be delivered straight to your email - nice and easy. The email will include your ticket code and can be shown on arrival at the attraction. You'll also find a link to download, share or print your tickets. Any provlems, just drop us a message on any of our help channels below.

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Q. Do I need to print my tickets?


Most attractions allow you to scan the ticket code straight from your email confirmation or ticket link on any smart device. If you've booked an attraction that requires a paper ticket, we'll make it super clear that this should be printed. Just click the link in your email for a printer-friendly version.

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Q. I can't find the attraction I'm looking for


Don't worry - we've only just got started. We're working really hard to add more incredible days out all the time. Drop us an email and let us know what you're looking for and we'll jump straight on it.

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Q. I want to talk to an actual person


No bother - we love a chat. Either email us or message us on Facebook

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Q. Can I put multiple tickets for different attractions in my basket and check out in one go?


It's coming! We know that sorting a week's worth of holiday fun in one go is the dream, so we're on it - watch this space.

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Q. How can I pay for my tickets?


We accept payments via debit or credit card, as well as Klarna, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

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Q. I'm not happy with my Days Out experience, what do I do?


We're sorry, that's never what we want to hear and we'd love to fix it. Scroll a teeny bit further down this page and choose how you'd like to chat to us. We aim to respond within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

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Q. Can I submit a tip or photo?


We would absolutely love that - just send them over in an email (it will make our day).

Our favourite tips are ones that help people get the most our of their day - things you can't miss, hidden gems, that kind of thing - instead of traditional reviews (TripAdvisor can have those).

Photos work best when they're landscape (that's horizontal), with good lighting. We love expressive faces too. Please don't send us pictures of other people that you haven't asked permission from, we don't want to get told off.

By submitting these you consent to them being shared by

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Q. I've spotted something that's incorrect


Content team to the naughty step. Just kidding.

We'd really appreicate you telling us what it is we got wrong. You can email us and we'll get it fixed up.

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Q. I'm an attraction and I want to list my day out


Amazing! You can get in touch with our Days Out partnerships team and we'll tell you just how easy it is to get set up.

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Q. I'm just having a bad day, can you cheer me up?


We've got you. @itsdaysout - this way to our TikTok. Laughs guaranteed.

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Q. Can you recommend a day out for me?


Sure, we'll give it a bash. We can't promise to get back to you instantly so if you're desperate to go out the house now then have a browse of our catgeories. If you've got a bit of time, drop us a message on Instagram and we'll get our matchmaker hats on.


Q. Where are you based?


We're northern and proud! Our offices (including our prized meeting room) are in Manchester.

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Q. I want to have an active say in improving Days Out and providing feedback.


Firstly, we love you. Secondly, you can pop us an email and give us your thoughts and do just that.

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Q. I feel like I know your name but I've never seen you before - who are Days Out?


You've got all the spicy questions! We launched officially in the UK in 2022 as, but had a makeover in 2023 and are now known as 'Days Out'. We are part of a wider group called Digital Rewards Group (est. 2018) and have a sister brand named Kids Pass (est. 2014).

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Q. Are you an authorised reseller for each of the attractions you list?


Yep, absolutely. We have contractual agreements with each of the attractions we list, including agreements around the information we display, pricing, and terms and conditions. If you're not sure on anything, just drop us a question.

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Q. I sent you a message and haven't had a response


OMG, did we ghost you? Let's get that fixed. Please resend your message and we'll get back to you sharpish. Sorry about that.

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Q. Where can I find your terms and conditions?


You can find individual attraction terms on each attracation page. You can click to find our site terms and conditions here.

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Q. Do you charge booking fees?


Nope, we don't. The price you see is the price you pay. The 'from' price on the attraction page is the price of the cheapest available ticket. As you add tickets to your basket, you'll see the total add up. You won't be charged any extras when checking out.

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Q. I have charges on my bank statement but the booking didn't go through.


Let's get this resolved super quick. Just send us an email and we'll get our payments team on the case.

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Q. I've deleted my ticket email - help


Don't sweat - we can resend it for you. Get in touch and request a new copy.

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Q. How can I unsubscribe from your email newsletter?


You'll find a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of our marketing emails. Don't worry, you'll still get any tickets you book. If you're stuck, just let us know and we can help.

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