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11 Best Bold Street Restaurants, Liverpool - You've Got to Visit

From stunning veggie Indian food to artisan coffee and fresh seafood, there isn't much you can't find on Bold Street.

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Bold Street, Liverpool is literally stacked with amazing restaurants - the whole street acts as a food hub for the city centre. I've tried a tonne of the fab restaurants on offer so I'm quite the expert - if I do say so myself.

Wanna know a little more about Bold Street? I got you. Spanning from Hanover Street (marking the end of the main shopping area) all the way up to Berry Street (where the stunning Bombed Out Church sits), Bold Street is packed full of culture and stunning flavours. Oh, and Bold Street was pedestrianised back during the Covid-19 pandemic to make space for outdoor dining but the council decided to keep things this way after realising how fab it made dining out in the area.

Without further a-do, let's tuck in to the best restaurants on Bold Street, Liverpool.

1. Bundobust

Now, not only is this one of my top Bold Street restaurants but it also happens to be one of my favourite restaurants of all time – and I don’t say that lightly. If you’re looking for super comforting and flavourful vegetarian food, this is the place for you. Bundobust is a small northern independent chain of restaurants which started in Leeds, spreading to Liverpool’s Bold Street location, Manchester Picadilly and Birmingham (opening Summer 2023) - it’s no surprise that everyone just loves it here.

Dishes are designed to be shared (or guarded with your life if you’re anything like me), so it’s best to visit in a group and order one of everything – no exaggeration. Some of my favourites are the Sweetcorn Chevdo (toasted sweetcorn topped with crunchy Bombay mix), Tarka Dhal & Rice (a warming classic which always hits the spot) and the Paneer Tikka (heavenly grilled pieces of paneer on skewers with red pepper and mushroom topped with a decadent tikka sauce).

2. Maray

Inspired by La Marais in Paris, Maray serves up Middle Eastern-style dishes and delicious cocktails – and is considered quite the Liverpool classic. The Bold Street restaurant is the first location that the independent team opened back in 2014, followed by the spot on the Albert Dock and more recently their Manchester branch. The restaurant dishes out a variety of plates (again, perfect for sharing) with plenty of vegetarian options.

Without a doubt, my favourite dish is the Disco Cauliflower, which a big ol’ chunk of cauliflower dressed in harissa, tahini and pomegranate (as well as flaked almonds and fresh parsley). Maray really knows how to make vegetables pop – so if you know any of those people who claim to hate veggies, bring them here and we’re sure they’ll be converted.

3. KO Grill

I never really hear many people talking about KO Grill but whenever I visit it’s always packed – and if that isn’t a good sign, I don’t know what is. The Bold Street restaurant serves Arab and South Asian food which are stuffed with flavour – whether you’re in the mood for a classic Butter Chicken or the funky 'upside down dish', Makloubeh, you can pretty much guarantee that KO Grill will have it. Oh, and this one is located right opposite Concert Square (one of the busiest areas for nightlife in the city), so it's a fab spot to kick back and people watch.

4. Crust

Pizza fanatics, rejoice, this is the place for you. Crust is an authentic Italian restaurant on Bold Street, Liverpool, that serves up stunning wood-fired oven pizzas, delicious pastas and plenty of sides. The restaurant opened back in 2015 and has since opened up another location in Woolton Village – it's always a popular spot with locals (which says a lot), so you’d best give it a go if you’re looking for an Italian Restaurant on Bold Street. It's even so authentic that most of the staff are usually Italian - the perfect opportunity for pre-holiday practice if you asked us.

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5. The Italian Club Fish

Keeping on the theme of Italian cuisine, The Italian Club Fish is somewhat of a Bold Street restaurant icon. There’s a distinct lack of seafood restaurants in Liverpool (because let’s be honest, you wouldn't wanna eat anything you'd find in the River Mersey), so The Italian Club Fish is quite the cult favourite. The restaurant serves up a union of Italian and Scottish style dishes (all thanks to the founders’ heritage in Scotland, Picinisco and the Puglian Coast), like fresh Oysters, homemade fresh egg pasta and even a Scottish Italian Club Fish & Chips.

6. Jimmy’s

Fancy visiting a spot which is a restaurant, bar and music venue all in one? Jimmy’s is the place for you. Enjoy food from the amazing Bugerism on the first floor (accompanied by some stunning views of the Bombed Out Church), sip on some of their funky-flavoured beers and check out live music in the basement. This is one of the most unique Bold Street restaurants and definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for bottomless brunch – burger and fries with bottomless cocktails, beers and spirit mixers, what’s not to like?

7. Bold Street Coffee

This award-winning specialty coffee shop serves up some of the best coffee in town – as well as seriously delicious meals. Choose from a variety of breakfast and brunch dishes (both savoury and sweet), my favourites must be the Steak & Eggs Sandwich or the Maple & Bacon Pancakes. And as expected, there’s a stunning range of beverages to try too – whether it’s a cup of Batch Brew, a classic Cappuccino or a trendy matcha, they’ve got it.

8. Fat Hippo

No, this is not an uncalled-for insult – it's really the name of a restaurant. This Bold Street restaurant dishes out some of the most immaculate burgers in town. The first of the ever-growing Fat Hippo restaurants opened in Newcastle waaay back in 2010 and has spread nationally since. Prepare yourself for a deliciously deep-fried meal of Cheese Balls, Wings and burgers galore (really mix things up and try the PB+JJ – a double patty burger with peanut butter and bacon jam). And though you probably wouldn’t expect it, Fat Hippo has great vegan options, so why not try out their Frickles (deep-fried pickle) and the Notorious VFC 2.0 burger.

9. Bakchich

Looking for a unique dinner spot on Bold Street? Try out Bakchich and their stunning Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine. Take your pick of hot and cold meze, platters, Lebanese pizza, shawarma platters and much more. There are no alcoholic beverages served at the restaurant, but they have plenty of mocktails, teas, fresh lemonades and alcohol-free alternatives on offer.

10. Mowgli

A Liverpool classic, most people know Mowgli and its founder (Nisha Katona) for her recent appearances on BBC and the national spread of Mowgli. Serving up small Indian plates in cosy restaurants, Mowgli is a Bold Street restaurant classic – there aren’t many weekends when there isn’t a queue out the door. Founder and CEO, Nisha ditched her 20-year career as a Barrister to start Mowgli and let’s be honest, we’re all grateful for it. The chain is expected to have a whopping 20 locations by the end of 2023, but you've got to try out one of the first locations while you're in the area.

11. LEAF Bold Street

This stunning spot is a Bold Street restaurant that goes waaay back for me. My family and I have been visiting LEAF for years and years, and the food never fails to disappoint. Set over two floors in a beautiful art deco building (formerly a tearoom back in the 1920s), LEAF is one of my favourite Bold Street restaurants. Wondering where the name came from? Well, these guys just happen to be experts on tea – you want it, they’ve got it. Oh, and if you wanted a memento to bring home with you, check out the tea shop inside of the restaurant for a cutesy tin of their iconic brews. If you’re in the market for a fantastic brunch, you’ve found your place – whether you’ve got a sweet tooth (have the Cinnamon Toast and thank me later) or you’d rather a classic (hello, Full English breakfast), LEAF has a little something for everyone.

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