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Here are the best foodie city breaks in the UK

Looking for new foodie spots? We get you (and we've done the research for you). Cheers to that.

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**Let’s be honest, you’re probably hungry, and you need somewhere new to eat. The UK is home to some of the most delicious and diverse cuisine in world, and there’s no shortage of fantastic foodie breaks to be had. What better theme for a getaway than food? Let’s talk about our favourite UK foodie destinations– no they’re not London.

It’s time to spread your culinary wings and eat your way across the UK.


Bristol is a brunch city. It just is. From Benedict's (not the Cumberbatch kind unfortunately) to funky porridges, they have it all. Seriously.

With its vibrant food scene Bristol has a diverse range of restaurants and cafes, with something to suit every taste and budget. Known for its famous street food (The best in Europe according to Travel Mag you can eat your way around the world without ever leaving the South West.

Bristol is known for being a vegan hub with a diverse culinary scene and is home to a number of Michelin-star restaurants .

These are some of our favourite food spots in Bristol for you to book for your foodie city break:

Quay St. Diner

Fancy something a little... Different? Head to Quay St Diner – a California-inspired gem. Think fried chicken and waffles, huevos rancheros or a breakfast burger (it’s all very Americana). Feel like adding a sparkle to your brunch? Bottomless prosecco brunch is available all week (yes, you read right), and is only £15pp per person – you'd best book this one, sells out quick.


Not your thing? Klosterhaus could be up your street. Expect a Mittel-European twist on brunch of currywurst or Bauernfrühstück (Google it) - they do have brekkie classics like avo and egg on toast (don’t worry Millennials, you’re safe), but why not try something new? Brunch gets funkier on a Sunday with their ‘The Haus of Soul’ brunch, made special with live music from the JFS trio.


Newcastle is a city of rich history, dating back around 2,000 years ago, and now it’s a city of rich flavours from across the world. While it may not always be the fanciest scran, it’s some of the tastiest on offer. The cities industrial heritage is reflected in it’s hearty and comforting traditional Geordie dishes (we’re looking at you, stottie cakes). A city break here is sure to end in a full stomach, make sure to pack your stretchy trousers – you won’t regret it.

You can find flavours from Poland, Lebanon, Greece and Asia alike... Here are just a couple of the best.

Quayside Market

This is practically a Newcastle rite of passage (though it is only open on Sunday’s). Catch some epic views of the city and eat even more epic food – there’s all sorts on offer from classic American junk-food to Asian cuisines. There’s more than food to this market too, explore handcrafted clothing, artwork, jewellery and toys.

By the River Brew Company

Hidden in plain sight, this one is a unique container community with restaurants, markets and breweries serving goods from the Northeast. The fun thing about this one is that each year the selection of independent vendors changes – but recently they’ve had taco stalls, burgers and some seriously good pizzas (that should sell you really).


Edinburgh is the home of probably some of the quirkiest eateries you’ll find – we're talking no-longer-feels-like-you're-in-Scotland-quirky. That kind, y’know? It’s not all haggis and tatties, for some really unique eats Edinburgh is a great spot for a foodie break.


Transport yourself to the Mad Hatter’s tea party at this colourful pub – you'll even be served cocktails in teapots. The décor of this spot absolutely makes it, they really go for that mix and match ‘pre-loved’ furniture look – oh, and there’s vintage hats hanging in mid-air, of course. Obviously this one makes for a great picture spot too – it's very Instagramable.

Mary’s Milk Bar

This parlour-style venue serves ice creams, sorbets and chocolates – but flavours change every morning... Are you a disbeliever in orange chocolate? Well, this one will pull you right out of your comfort zone. Think goat’s cheese and peach or whisky marmalade kinda flavours. You’ll find this one in Grassmarket – AKA the streets are adorable, and the view is incredible.


Hidden gems galore... When you think of Cambridge, you probably don’t think of foodie spots – but that’s about to change. Forget the days of believing Cambridge is just an old city with an intellectually famous university (I mean, it still is, but it’s also so much more).

The ideal location for a food-focused mini-break - spend your days sampling dishes in Michelin star restaurants or indulging in an afternoon tea.

The Old Bicycle Shop

Fancy eating some inventive British dishes in what once was Britain’s oldest bike shop? Look no further. Expect a tonne of bike-themed trinkets (from hanging displays to chain cog candle holders). There’s tonnes of veggie and vegan food to explore here – not your typical bean burgers though, think more za’atar crusted tofu kebabs and wild mushroom ramen (AKA, the good stuff).

The Garden Room at The Tamburlaine Hotel

If you (along with most of the British population) love an afternoon tea, this is the best spot to check out in Cambridge. The Garden Room – as expected – is packed full of greenery, a wonderfully-zen way to afternoon tea if you ask us. Experience the luxury of velvet sofas and Victorian wallpaper as you tuck into some tasty sandwiches and adorable cakes.

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