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Documenting the story of human history - primarily through its art and culture - the British Museum is one of the most renowned and respected tourist attractions in the world.

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It is also a fascinating stop-off during family days out in London, as the amazing treasures and ancient objects will captivate young minds and spark their curiosity. Prepare for many questions!

Exhibits include the Rosetta Stone (which unlocked the hieroglyphs of Egypt), the Parthenon Marbles, the bust of Ramesses II, a mummified bull, genuine pieces of eight, Samurai armour and even a board game dating back to the third millennium BC. Chess lovers will also be enthralled by the Lewis Chessmen - pieces made in the 12th century and discovered in the 1830s.

As well as shorter, family-friendly tours and trails, there are also activity backpacks available, which help those six and over explore different cultures through hands-on activities. Dedicated backpacks for children under-six can help them get the most from their visit, too. And to top it all off, it's free!

Helpful Information

Is There Parking?

No, the museum doesn't offer parking facilities, except for visitors with access needs.

Are There Baby Changing Facilities?

Baby changing facilities can be found throughout the museum.

Is it Wheelchair friendly/accessible?

There are a host of ways of making a visit accessible for those with disabilities, sight or hearing difficulties and special educational needs.

Food/Restaurants available?

There are cafes, a pizzeria and restaurant.

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