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You Can't Miss These 25 Must-See Brighton Attractions

From beachfront wanders to epics views, these unmissable Brighton attractions have it all.

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Brighton is one of the best cities in the south east - there, we said it. It's got sand, sea and sun (sometimes) - what's not to like?

We reckon these 25 attractions are some of the best places to visit in Brighton - what do you think?

1. The Lanes

Without a doubt the artsiest district of Brighton, The Lanes are the place to be if you’re looking for character and cool vibes. With restaurants, independent shops and pubs galore, you could spend hours wandering around this district alone. If you’re looking to snag some unique mementos from Brighton, head to the vintage emporiums and bookstores of The Lanes.

2. Brighton Palace Pier

This Grade-II listed pier is truly part of the furniture in Brighton – from the nostalgic fairground rides to the bars and restaurants which look out to sea, there’s a day out in exploring the pier alone. The magical thing about the Brighton Palace Pier is that though it’s definitely the most picturesque on sunny days, it always looks stunning no matter the weather.

3. Brighton i360

Didn’t expect your trip to Brighton to include a trip up to a soaring 531-ft in a futuristic pod, all the while drinking a locally brewed glass of fizz? Well, the British Airways i360 has a treat in store for you. The 25-minute trip to the top will have you seeing sights up to 400 square-kilometres away – it is the tallest bar on the South coast after all. This is without a doubt one of our favourite Brighton attractions. Get your Brighton i360 tickets here!

4. Preston Park Rockery

This serene space is Britain’s largest municipal rock garden – and was voted as England’s Best Park during the Fields in Trust awards. This woodland oasis is an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy Brighton streets – and a great place to spot some nature too.

5. SEA LIFE Brighton

Ever fancied visiting the oldest operating aquarium in the world? Well, Brighton is certainly the right place to look. Step inside SEA LIFE Brighton and find yourself stunned by the amazing gothic arches on each wall – oh, and of course the thousands of creatures inside. You can’t forget to check out 'Day and Night', their new super cool addition to the aquarium – watch as you experience a coral reef move through the day and into the night.

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6. St Bartholomew's Church

This Victorian-built church sticks out like a sore thumb (in the best way possible) from the Brighton skyline. With its red brick walls and massive stature, the Neo-Gothic church really packs a punch. Whether you want to admire this beauty from afar or explore the inside (expect marble steps galore), you’re in for a treat.

7. Upside Down House

This quirky spot is probably the most Instagrammable Brighton attraction you’ll find. Walk along the beachfront (right by Brighton i360) and find a house which appears to have been turned on its head – strange right? Things get even funkier inside as the house itself functions as an art gallery for optical illusions and topsy-turvy furniture.

8. Brighton Zip

Looking for place to visit in Brighton which'll show you some fantastic views of the city? Brighton Zip could be the perfect Brighton attraction for you. Have a gander at the stunning beachfront from the 300-metre twin ziplines. Even if you’re only stopping by Brighton, the zipline will be done in a jiffy – and you can’t get those views just anywhere.

9. Helicopter Tours

Inject a bit of luxury into your trip with a helicopter tour over Brighton – what's not to like? Oh, and if you needed another reason to give it a go, you’ll get to see all the best sights without sacrificing your feet to 20,000 steps a day. If you’d rather not tour about, hop on the helicopter and stop by a local country manor house for a classy lunch.

10. Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Ahhh a throwback to the UK’s golden days of toy production, this museum is packed with dolls’ houses, model trains and everything in between. From the late 19th century and early 20th century, the UK had somewhat of a toy boom and this awesome museum contains just a smidge of the movement – in a 1,000 square foot Victorian cellar no less.

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11. Brighton Open Market

This open-air marketplace is the only of its kind in Brighton, and acts as host to tonnes of local vendors and shoppers. Most of your favourite independent Brighton shops will have a stall at the market, as well as plenty of artists and even a radio station stall. Good news is that this super cool market is open seven days a week, winner.

12. Brighton Royal Pavillion

This stunning historic landmark practically defines Brighton – and you probably wouldn’t believe it’s around 230 years-old. A throwback to the exuberant days of George IV, the Royal Pavillion is a magical blend of Islamic and Mughal architecture, and it certainly does not disappoint.

13. LGBTQ+ Walking Tour

It’s no secret that Brighton is known as the UK’s LGBTQ+ capital – and it’s for good reason too. Head out on a LGBTQ+ walking tour and discover loads about the city’s queer history. Taken round by a local, you’ll hear about a whopping 200-years' worth of history, paying respects to the bravery and achievements from the past.

14. St Paul’s Church

This rather spectacular church is tucked into the bustling streets near Brighton’s seafront – you might not even notice it’s there. Built over 170 years ago, St Paul’s Church was intended as a mission church for the wives of fisherman, the building is a comforting place to rest, admire or pray for anyone. Admission is free and visitors are welcome to visit services.

15. Brighton Sea Front

Now, we’ve mentioned this one in passing but the seafront really is the crème de la crème of Brighton. You could easily head out and end up exploring the front for hours upon hours, dipping in and out of shops and stalls. And don’t worry, if you get peckish during your adventure, you’re never far from a café, restaurant or takeaway on the seafront. This is a top place to visit in Brighton if you're short on time, it's pretty iconic.

16. Old Steine Gardens

Back in the day, when the city was a tiny fishing village called Brighthelmstone, the Old Steine Gardens were the village green. As the gardens started to develop, they were incorporated into the eastern lawns of William IV’s Royal Pavillion. Now, the Old Steine Gardens is practical a central point to all Brighton’s big landmarks, so it’s definitely worth stopping by.

17. Kemptown

This cosmopolitan neighbourhood in Brighton is a hot spot for artists and actors – perfect for celebrity-spotting. Located east of the Palace Pier and along King’s Cliff to Black Rock, this desirable area is slap-bang in the of Brighton’s ‘gay quarter'. Mostly built during the Regency and Victorian periods, there are plenty of cutesy squares, funky buildings (like the Sassoon Mausoleum) and more.

18. Devil’s Dyke

It’s easy to get caught up in the wonders of central Brighton and forget that there’s a national park so close by – we’re talking about a 20-minute journey if the traffic’s on your side. The Devil’s Dyke is the UK’s longest, deepest and widest ‘dry valley’ - and it makes for an excellent day out. The hills surrounding the valley climb up to 217-metres and get some fab views, you’ll be able to see as far as the Isle of Wight on a clear day.

19. Brighton Festival

Having been around for over 50 years now, they really know what they’re doing. Known as England’s biggest multidisciplinary arts festival, the Brighton Festival is three-week event in May dedicated to music, dance, theatre, film, art circus and family events. This is definitely one of the top places to visit in Brighton for music lovers.

20. Amusement Arcades

Head to the Amusement Arcades if you’re in search of some true British nostalgia – you won’t regret it. Stepping into one of the large halls, filled with bright lights and loud noises is practically a trip down memory lane and it’s certainly one of our favourite things to do in Brighton. As far as we're concerned this is a compulsory attraction in Brighton to visit.

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21. Brighton Coffee Scene

Brighton is pretty notorious for its coffee scene (and for good reason, it’s fab). Whether you’re looking for somewhere that sells delicious pastries, brews single-origin beans or specialises in third-wave coffee, you’ll be sorted in Brighton.

22. Cult Hero Record Shop

One of the best examples of an independent store in Brighton, Cult Hero Record Shop is a haven for record-lovers. With enough vinyl to keep you busy flicking through for hours, the shop sells records from a variety of artists and genres. If you don’t feel like picking up a new record, why not check out their super artsy prints?

23. Bison Brewery

Known as one of Brighton’s best craft beer joints, Bison Brewery has plenty of locations across the city. The shops and bars offer up an excellent selection of IPA’s and pale ales, sometimes branching out to milk stouts – you beer-lovers will be chuffed at this unmissable Brighton attraction.

24. Eastbourne

Staying in Brighton for a few days? We reckon you should take a trip out to Eastbourne – it's just 19-miles east along the Sussex coast. Explore the Victorian-style beachfront and look out onto sea for a peaceful day out that’s just half an hour on the train from Brighton. Why not make a day of it and visit Beachy Head? Just west from Eastbourne, Beachy Head is home to the largest chalk cliff in England.

25. West Pier

The eerie figure you’ll see when looking out to sea was once the West Pier – a smaller pier which remains derelict from the 1970’s until it was burnt down in suspected arson attacks in the earl 2000’s. The silhouette of the pier remains standing, with the structure that made up the theatre on the pier visible from the beach.

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