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A 2023 Bucket List Like No Other

Cheers to making 2023 a year like no other, here's how you should do it.

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So, you want 2023 to be THE year – the one where you try new things, spend time doing stuff you love, and get to December thinking ‘Christ, that was good’. We do too. So, we’ve pulled together a big ol’ list of things you can get planning now to make next year amazing. A 2023 bucket list, if you will, filled with festivals and new activities to try. We’ve got it all.

Sky diving

Wow, we’re really starting with a bang, aren’t we? Our top pick would have to be Skydiving in Perranporth, Cornwall – why wouldn’t you want to fly towards the Earth at massive speeds while getting a spectacular view of the Cornish coast and the Atlantic Ocean? Oh, and if you didn’t know, the average height of a skydive is around 10,000 feet – so enjoy that.


We don’t want to hear from any of you Eurovision haters, your opinion simply isn’t valued here. And if you didn’t know, Eurovision 2023 is being held in Liverpool – so you best start booking your hotels and planning your mini break now. The two semi-final shows will be held on the 9th and 11th of May, and the finale is on May 13th – all to be held at the M&S Bank Arena, located on the Liverpool docks.

King Charles III Coronation

King Charles III coronation will be held on May 6th at Westminster Abbey – our best guidance is to book any travel and accommodation for that weekend ASAP (it’s going to get very expensive). If you’re not planning on visiting, at least you can enjoy the extra Bank Holiday on Monday May 8th – cheers Charles.

Glastonbury Resale

If like most people, you were unsuccessful in securing Glastonbury tickets, maybe you’ll have better luck in the April re-sale. We wish you good luck, soldiers. Rumour has it the line-up is gonna be spectacular – we're talking Elton John, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift (phwoar).

Book Cheap Flights

If you’re ahead of the game reading this in November – you can probably snag some Black Friday deals. But if not, you’ll still be impressed by the cheap flights you can find for January, February and March (which are probably the best months to get away from the dark and cold UK weather). Our favourites for bargain flights are Jacks Flight Club, Ryanair and Skyscanner.

Jumanji World Spring 2023

Theme parks are getting bigger and better in 2023 with the world’s first Jumanji World opening at Chessington World of Adventures in Spring. Amongst the rides joining the gang, expect to see a 55-foot-tall Jaguar Shrine – just like in the movies, definitely worth marking your calendar for this one.

Tax Returns

Now, this isn’t a fun one, but we had to look out for you freelancers and business owners out there. And for that, you’re welcome. April 15th is a day to remember – and a day you won’t forget if you miss your tax returns (been there, done that, hated it).

UCAS Deadlines

January 25th, 2023, is the deadline for those who didn’t know – you're welcome. So, you best get writing and submit before 6pm on the 25th. Good luck to you all from the Days Out team – university is just a hop, skip and jump away.

Grand National

Whether you love or hate the Grand National, you already know it’s a huge event for horse racing – and is responsible for 75% of the Liverpool population getting sloshed. Did you know that tickets are available now too? Why not book as a Christmas present? (Or add them to your own list). Mark your calendars people, Saturday April 8th.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup

The 64-match schedule will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand (the first-ever co-hosted women’s tournament BTW), with the first match taking place on July 20th. So, why not head down under for this epic event and snag some tickets? But if you’re not into spending that much cash (we get it, seriously), chuck it on the TV and watch some middle-of-the-night footy.

Co Op Live Arena Manchester - Opening December 2023

Opening at the end of 2023, this arena is about to wow the population of the North-West (and those further afar) - rumour has it Harry Styles is opening, so why wouldn’t you want to go? With a capacity of 23,500, I’m sure we could all go, right?

Taylor Swift Era’s Tour

Similar to Glastonbury, if you’ve managed to get your hands on Taylor Swift tickets, bravo to you. Are you excited? Do you also hate Jake Gyllenhaal? Either way, we know you’re gonna love this tour (as much as some of our team will). With the US leg of the tour starting in Spring of 2023, we’re still waiting for international tour dates to be announced (as of November 2022).

Blur Reunion

Any Britpop fans out there? Well, in celebration of their 35th anniversary, Blur has announced a one-off show at Wembley on July 8th, 2023 – but due to popular demand, they’ve added a second show on July 9th. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t wait around. Who knows if you’ll get to see them again.

Chinese New Year

Ah, the year of the rabbit – sounds adorable. Chinese new year takes place on Sunday January 22nd and celebrations will take place around the world. Want a piece of the action? Try cooking up a fakeaway (or just ordering a Deliveroo if you’re no dab hand in the kitchen).

Valentine's Day

Lovers (and singles), it’s not long to go until Valentine’s Day – and that means it’s either time to find a date, make plans with your friends, or turn up the romance. Need date ideas? We’ve got those right here (and some other ideas here - for you lot that don't drink). Heads up, Galentines Day (13th Feb) is a legit holiday too.

Yayoi Kusama Manchester

Haven’t heard of Yayoi Kusama? Are you, like, living under a rock? Yayoi is bringing her largest-ever immersive experience to Manchester from June to August in 2023 – expect an insight to her playful and kaleidoscopic universe, with balloons polka-dots and much more.

Glasgow Film Festival

Taking place from March 1st to 12th, there has already been some announcements for the Glasgow film festival. Expect to see ‘On The Fringe’ (a heart-breaking social drama starring Penélope Cruz and Luis Tosar) and five documentaries from Lee Grant (Oscar winner for ‘Down and Out In America’ and first female director to win the Directors Guild Of America Award).

Leeds City of Culture 2023

Been wondering who was awarded City of Culture for 2023? Leeds bagged the title, so why not celebrate with a city-break? The northern city has become a hub of modern restaurants, funky bars and has a great music scene– a great spot for a weekend getaway if you ask us.

Pride Events

No matter where you go, you already know a pride event is gonna be a good use of time. Some of our favourites include Birmingham Pride (which is on May 27th), Manchester Pride (on August 24th), and Brighton Pride – which is a three-day event from August 3rd to 7th.


Into tennis, or not into tennis, we all know that Wimbledon is kinda iconic. It’s probably the highlight of London in July – why not head down there (even if you don’t have tickets) for some strawberries and cream on Henman Hill? Dress in your finest gear and you’ll totally fit in with the crowd.

Make the Most of Your Annual Leave

Annual leave is sacred, if you ask us. So, we pulled together our insider guide on how to get the most days off possible next year. If you fancy bagging 9 and 10-day holidays using just 3 or 4 days of annual leave, this blog post is for you. That calls for a holiday.

World Bog Snorkelling Competitions

Okay, this one’s a bit leftfield but hey, we’re all for trying new things. The World Bog Snorkelling Competitions (hosted in Llanwrtyd Wells) was in fact listed in Lonely Planet’s ‘50 must-do things around the world’ back in 2014. It’s definitely one of the strangest UK traditions but hundreds of people give it a bash every year – you could be one of them.

Festival Season

We could be slightly biased, but the UK festival season is one of the best in the world. There are festivals of varying sizes up and down the country, but the big ones kick off at the end of May with the likes of Creamfields South, GALA and Neighbourhood Weekender. It runs right through to the start of September so there’s plenty to choose from.

Challenge Yourself to a Sporting Event

Yes, some sporting challenges and lifestyle resolutions live further than January – crazy right? You don’t necessarily need to run a marathon or cycle 60 miles but challenging yourself to a physical goal can be a fun (no promises) way to mix up the year.

Christmas Pudding Race

Another odd one but it’s a massive laugh and it helps to raise money for a good cause. What’s involved? You and three teammates, all in fancy dress (of course), taking on an obstacle course while balancing a Christmas pud on a rather flimsy paper plate. Good luck.

Celebrate a Scottish Holiday

The year is bookmarked by a couple of Scottish celebrations for you to get involved in. Burns Night is on 25th January, commemorating Scottish poet, Robert Burns, with a feast of Highland foods, a dram of whiskey and dancing to bagpipes. Then there’s Hogmanay which is a 3-day shin-dig to celebrate the new year.

So, how'd they look? We think that's a pretty all-encompassing 2023 bucket list. What would you add to the list?

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