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Not just for kids – How to plan a Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults

Looking for something unique for this year's birthday celebration? Scavenger hunts are a super fun activity for everyone to enjoy - and they're completely free!

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We love a good party – don't get us wrong – but there’s something cool about celebrating your birthday in a way that’s completely unique to you.

We’d hazard a guess that a birthday scavenger hunt is much more memorable than your standard dinner and drinks. Just think, all you loved ones running around like headless chickens in honour of you being. What’s not to love?

Granted, it takes a bit more time and effort to organise but it’s worth it. Trust us. Or just get a loved one to plan it for you.

What is a birthday scavenger hunt?

You know that annual episode of The Apprentice where they’re sent running around London to find a random list of things? It’s like that, but with tasks rather than a shopping list and birthday cake at the end. Got it?

Whoever’s in charge of planning pulls together a list of tasks for everyone to attempt (the more bizarre and hilarious, the better). Then, the aim of the game is for each team to tick off as many of these challenges as possible within a specific timeframe to be crowned the overall winner.

The real beauty of a scavenger hunt is that you can make it what you want by tailoring the tasks to whoever is taking part. If there’s kids involved, keep the challenges family-friendly, if it’s all adults then go all out. Either way, try to think of things personalised to whoever it is you’re celebrating.

How to plan a scavenger hunt

Just a warning – you do need to put some work into the planning or it could turn into a hot mess pretty quickly. But don’t worry, we’re on hand to help.

Pick a location

The best scavenger hunts will have everyone on the go.

To keep everyone motivated, you don’t want to give them too much time or too much area to cover so it’s best to choose a specific area (whether that’s close to home or somewhere new).

Set your challenges

You’ll want a good mix of tasks in there - a few quick wins that are easy to tick off as well as some that seem impossible to get participants to think creatively. Bonus points for public embarrassment.

Need some ideas? Recreate a famous movie scene and film it, high-five ten strangers, sing one minute of the birthday guy/girl’s favourite song in a crowded space. They should get you going.

Plan where you’ll start and finish

Before it all kicks off, you’ll want to gather everyone at the starting point, divide them into their teams and brief them on the hunt. It’s best to keep the challenges secret until the day so it’s a fair playing field.

Feeling sneaky? Set some extra rules for the day. We’re talking a ban on using Google and penalties for each missed challenge. Once everyone is briefed, set a time and place to meet to crown the winner and off you all go!

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