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Low or No Bang Fireworks Displays

Fireworks aren't for everyone - but these ones put in the leg work to fit the whole fam. Check out these low or no bang displays.

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Finding an event that the whole family will enjoy and cherish is hard, let alone when a family member has a sensory issue, or simply doesn’t like loud noises.

That’s why we’ve put in the elbow grease to find Bonfire Night events on the quiet side – everyone deserves a trigger-free bonfire night.

Without further a-do, here’s what we found.

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Bonfire & Fireworks Extravaganza

This firework extravaganza has a little something for everybody. With their main event at 8.15pm, they have their Autism Friendly mini-fireworks display from 7 – 7:30pm (though anyone who doesn't like loud noises is welcome to join).

If you thought this couldn’t get any better, think again. All proceeds from the event go towards the Fire Fighters Charity. Inclusive fireworks and a good cause? Take our money.

Canon Hall Farm Bonfire Spectacular

One of the most sought-after fireworks events – and for good reason – the Canon Hall Farm Bonfire Spectacular is the perfect all-family experience.

Primarily for the concern of their (darn-right) adorable farm animals, Cannon Hall Farm uses quieter fireworks set to music – the perfect opportunity for those with sensory issues to enjoy the display.

There’s plenty to do from 1pm at this one, with a kick-off kid’s disco party (hosted by CopyCat Party Company) which’ll have everyone hyped for wonderfully peaceful fireworks at 6pm.

Pink Pig Farm Silent Fireworks

There are no loud bangs at this Bonfire night celebration, only ‘sizzles and gentle pops’, so you know everyone’s gonna be happy.

Kiddos can play inside or out from 4.30pm until the fireworks begin at 6.30pm - not to mention that food and drink will be served inside the play barn and outside near the firework field, could you ask for anything better?

Even if you don’t head here for bonfire night, they have loads of other seasonal events on, like their Pumpkin Festival and pre-Christmas festivities - it's a fail-safe day out spot.

Barleylands Drive In Toddler Fireworks

Wanna watch some gob-smacking-ly good fireworks, but don’t wanna leave the car? Look. No. Further.

This event welcomes visitors to view the display from the comfort of their own car – they also host a commentary through their very own radio station. Feel free to tune into the show, hosted by Bam Bam (you and your young’uns may recognise him from the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals) - or play your own music and really chill out.

Guests are welcome from 4.30pm, with entertainment made for car-viewing until their stunning display begins at 6pm.

Don’t feel like heading out?

You can now purchase ‘quieter fireworks’ from many retailers and create your own sensory-friendly and peaceful firework display at home.

Not only can you create a stunning display, but everyone can also experience the fun from the comfort of home – now you can’t say that about most fireworks displays.

If you're up for loud firework displays, check out our favourites in this blog.

These are just a few of the many sensory-friendly fireworks events going on this year – but keep your eye out, there’s bound to be one near your (maybe even in your own back garden).

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