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Need to cool off this summer? These water rides are the UK’s best (in our humble opinion)

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Considering that hot weather is few and far between in the UK, we’re still a nation of theme park-goers that love a good old soaking.

If it’s big splashes you’re after, there are some pretty great rides to choose from across the country.

Some top tips from us: don't wear white, the front and back always get the wettest – oh, and plastic ponchos are for wimps.

Stormforce 10, Drayton Manor Resort

Let us set the scene - you’re out at sea, there’s a huge storm coming in and you’ve just got to ride it out. Got it? This flume ride has three big drops (and three big splashes to go with them), one of which you experience backwards. These plunges will spin you every way towards the horizon and leave you quaking in your poncho.

Tidal Wave, Thorpe Park

From afar, you may be led to believe that Thorpe Park’s Tidal Wave is nothing more than a kiddy log flume. You’d be sorely mistaken, especially when you're plummeted 85ft into the splash pool at a breath-taking 80mph. Oh and if you thought you were safe from the splash, each rider has a lovely 215 litres of water dedicated to them. That’s 2.7 bathtubs full, btw.

The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, Chessington World of Adventures Resort

If you’re in the market for something more family friendly, The Gruffalo River Ride at Chessington World of Adventures is a safe bet. Your tour guide, Mouse, will take you on cruise down the lazy river as you meet characters from The Gruffalo around every bend (including the big guy himself, of course).

Tiger Rock, Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Another gem at Chessington, Tiger Rock combines a classic log flume with the park’s fiercest animal attraction. Real life Amur tigers pad around as the ride whisks you past their enclosure, right before dropping you through a misty waterfall and (spoiler alert) popping through a giant carved tiger’s head at the grand finale.

Congo River Rapids, Alton Towers

Perfect for kiddos and big kiddos (sometimes known as adults) alike, you’ll drift in big bumper-style boats. The ride gradually gains speed along the Katanga Canyon, spinning the boat around as you clunk through corners and launch through waterfalls. This ride is a classic of Alton Towers, having opened in 1986. Bonus points if you convince the grandparents to ride under the guise of a ‘lovely boat tour’.

Vikings’ River Splash, LEGOLAND® Windsor

Similar to the Congo River Rapids, LEGOLAND® Windsor’s Viking River Splash has a legendary Norse theme (although unfortunately Thor doesn’t make an appearance) and imaginative backgrounds created with millions of LEGO® pieces (obviously). They really bring the ride to life with strobes and flashing lights all while you’re exploring the Nordic world. This is a great choice for families with young(ish) children.

Storm Surge, Thorpe Park

Storm Surge is another popular watery choice from Thorpe Park. The ride spins you in groups of 4,5 or 6, reaching heights of 64ft high – and what goes up has to come down again. And you do. Fast. With industrial volumes of water slapping you round the chops. This one’s definitely not for kids... or anyone feeling slighty queasy.

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