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5 Best UK Attractions Halloween Events to Get Your Spook On At

Feels like everyone and their nan has a Halloween event these days, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ve collected the best out there for your October adventures – thank us later. Seriously.

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From some of the scariest Halloween events in the UK, to best attractions on offer, there’s plenty to visit.

Scarefest, Alton Towers

Not only is this event an absolute Halloween classic (it’s won literal awards, it’s that good), but they’re also celebrating 15 years of Scarefest this year. AKA it’s only gonna get bigger ‘n’ better.

It’s open until 9pm on their Scarefest days which means you get to ride their most ferocious rides in the dark of night... Come on, that’s, like, textbook spooky.

If Alton Tower’s scary spectacular isn’t enough to get your heart pumping, it’s also you last chance to ride Nemesis (sad face). The ride is closing on November 6th – rumour has it that the monster of the Forbidden Valley (who lays beneath the 250-tonne ride), is dormant once again, waiting to attack.

Oh, BTW, it’s the Alton Towers staff that told us that (they know what they’re on about), so beware.

Ghost Walking Tours

Come on, we had to mention them. There’s one in nearly every town and city up and down the country so you won’t have to go far to find one and they can actually be a real laugh.

They’re a no-brainer for Halloween too. Turns out, local history can actually have you terrified. And you learn a thing or two, so that’s a bonus.

You can get a bog-standard tour, or go all-out on a themed one – our fav is Horror-nation Street Tour... Apologies for the pun, we didn’t write it.

(FYI, you can book onto one of their Star Tours, Horror-nation included, and meet a notorious villain from past storylines – winner winner, chicken dinner).

Fright Nights, Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park are celebrating their Halloween offering this year too as it turns the ripe old age of 21. Yep, those cheeky lot have been giving visitors the heebie jeebies for 21 years. Impressive really.

To celebrate their fabulous birthday, they’re making their annual Fright Night celebrations that bit more exciting. Introducing, not one, not two, but three brand-new spooky attractions – though all of them are beaten by SAW – The Ride (the best ride for Halloween, duh). Definitely the scariest ride in the UK, in our opinion.

This attraction is also open late into the evening, making their (already pretty scary) rides, all the more terrifying – you've been warned.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester

Adult nights at the LEGO® Discovery Centre have just amped up a notch. October’s monthly theme is Halloween (obviously), so each of their usual challenges have a spooky theme.

Who doesn’t like LEGO®? No, seriously, who doesn’t? We’ll be having strong words. If you’re a fellow big kid (some call them, ‘adults’?) and you love LEGO®, this is the perfect opportunity for you to meet fellow brick enthusiasts and have some seasonal fun – with prizes too.

Can you think of a reason why not to visit The Ultimate Indoor LEGO® Playground this Halloween? We didn’t think so. If you hadn’t guessed it, it’s a kid-free event so you won’t have to fight any toddlers for the LEGO® NINJAGO figure (we can’t have a repeat of last year...).

Warner Bros Studios, The Making of Harry Potter: Dark Arts

What is more autumnal than Harry Potter? You’re right, nothing. The Warner Bros Studios have put a spooky twist on their typical tour of the film set – think dimmed lights, spooky props, that sort of thing.

Fun fact: There are 100 pumpkins hanging from the ceiling of the Great Hall, as seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – so you could totally go in costume and recreate some iconic scenes for an Insta moment.

P.S The one stays open from September to the November 6th, plenty of time to get your spooky freak on.

These are probably the best Halloween events the UK has to offer – you can take our word for it.

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