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Top 10 Best Lunch Spots in the West End, London

These lunch spots in the West End definitely won't disappoint...

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As much as we love packing a picnic to save money and time on a day out, sometimes it's nice to enjoy the glitz and glamour of London without soggy sandwiches in your bag - and that’s when these best lunch spots in the West End of London come in handy.

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1. WrapChic

Sounds bizarre but tastes amazing. This fusion of Mexican burritos and Indian flavours will keep you coming back for more.

The chain started in Birmingham back in 2012 and has since expanded across the UK – and even Dubai too. Whether you fancy a wrap, burrito, bowl or wrapchos (warm nachos with your choice of fillings), there are loads to choose from. Not to mention the filling options – everything from Fish Malabari and Chicken Methi to Soya Amritsari and Paneer Bhurji (hello, vegan and veggie options).

This is definitely one of the cheaper places for lunch in the West End of London.

2. 26 Grains

If you’re in the mood for a spot of brunch (served until 4 pm), you’re in luck at 26 Grains. Whether you fancy a sweet porridge or traditional Turkish fried eggs, they pretty much have everything we love about brunch – and that’s saying something.

The open-kitchen vibe of this lunch spot makes it the perfect stop for casual and delicious eats.

3. Bibi

Another great option for Indian food, although this one is a little more expensive. There’s something that’ll appeal to everyone here – oh, and it’s a great spot to bring vegetarian friends.

The restaurant is small, filled with four-person booths and a heated terrace for a a bit of fresh air, it makes for a perfect cosy lunch-time visit in the West End.

Although this one is only open for lunch Wednesday through to Saturday, from 12 pm until 2.30 pm - one to keep in mind.

4. Arcade Food Hall

Open from early to late on most days of the week, this new take on a food hall is revolutionary. Say goodbye to the times of holding a sad chicken burger and a pint, fighting to speak with your friends through all the noise and commotion.

From the joys of the in-house deli (Provisions) to the wonders of Viet Populaire's Mexican food, Manna's fried chicken and Shatta & Toum's shawarma shop – there are endless choices of delicious eats.

This is one of the more fun and unique places for food in the West End of London.

5. Hoppers

Never thought of stopping by for a Sri Lankan lunch before? Expect your mind to be changed for the rest of time.

Serving a variety of traditional ‘village toddy shop’ dishes, expect to see (and devour) hoppers, dosas, kothus and roasts. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention, they have a selection of zingy cocktails which pair with the food perfectly.

If you’re looking for a low-key and cosy lunch spot with some seriously tasty food in the West End, this sounds perfect for you.

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6. Frenchie

Now, we know the Al La Carte menu at this one may look a little pricey, but the Set Lunch Menu really takes the cake. At £28 for two courses and £33 for three, it makes for the ideal extravagant-feeling lunch – and Covent Garden is absolutely the spot for a gem like this.

And if looking at the food on Instagram wasn’t enough to sell you, rest assured that the ambience and luxurious feel of this restaurant will truly take your breath away.

7. Bao

You’ll probably have to queue to get into this restaurant. And when we say probably, we mean definitely – so, if you’re heart-set on visiting, get your booking in ASAP.

As the name suggests, this spot is known for its bao (duh), but don’t shy away from trying the other small plates on the menu. You definitely can’t miss out on trying the Trotter Nuggets (don’t let the name alarm you) and the Taiwanese Fried Chicken.

This is a fab spot in the West End to visit as a group – that way you can order even more from the menu and try a bit of everything.

8. Benito’s Hat Oxford Circus

Is lunch more of a pit stop for you? Well, we’ve got the perfect West End lunch location for a flying visit. Benito’s whole goal is to serve authentic Mexican food, made with the best quality ingredients - and honestly, we can’t fault that.

Grab their massive bargain of a lunch deal on your gander about London, you will not regret it. For a mere £10.50 (which would normally get you three chips), you have a burrito, drink and tortilla chips – what's not to like?

But if you’d rather try something else, choose from loads of other goodies (including fab veggie and vegan options).

This is our favourite bargain lunch spot for food in the West End of London.

9. Lina Stores LTD

A whole seventy-five years after opening its deli, Soho’s Lina Stores launched a proper restaurant. With al dente hand-rolled pasta dishes, you’ll be transported to Italy in this quaint set up.

This family-run joint only uses the finest authentic ingredients from trusted suppliers (that they’ve worked with for literal decades, woah). The snacky small plates make this a perfect stop for a light lunch in the West End.

Oh, and it’s open from 10 am (11 am on Sundays), so you can always grab some bits and bobs and take them to the park – weather permitting...

10. Chin Chin Dessert Club

In the mood for something sweet? You’re in the right place.

Not only will you find some deliciously sweet treats at the West End location, but you’ll also see some food experiments like never before. Some desserts use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream to order – although most of the wacky stuff happens at the original Camden store.

This Soho location is much more low-key but the sweet treats won’t disappoint – and neither will the décor, with one wall made of white marble and every other inch of the store painted bright gold.

If you've got a sweet tooth, you should definitely head here for food in the West End.

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