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How to Have a Winter Picnic: Food Ideas & Top Tips

Summer is over. But picnic season isn't. Check out of favourite winter picnics (and our top tips).

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Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t pack an epic picnic for your days out. In fact, we’re firm believers that a warm lunch on a chilly day out will only make things better – and it’ll bring the fam together too.

Heading out into the great outdoors? These ideas will keep you stocked with energy. And if you’re heading out to a tourist attraction, our lunches will stop the kids wining about how ‘hungrrryyyyy’ they are. Promise.

Not only can picnics be outright delicious, they're also excellent money savers. Most tourist attractions serve food, but prices are soaring and taste can be lacking... So, why not grab a thermos and get to cooking?

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How to keep food warm for a picnic

Okay, before we get started, insulated food and drink containers are gonna be your best friend during winter months. There’s nothing more disappointing than lukewarm soup and cold stew, right?

It’s best to be prepared, especially in winter, so make your meals a day ahead – just heat them up before you leave and chuck them in your handy-dandy food containers.

Check out some hot food thermos options here

Don’t forget about drink options too – Thermos cups will keep your hot chocolate, tea, coffee (or even mulled wine) warm for hours.

Here are our favourite flask and thermal cups

The best winter picnic food

Making a big pot of stew, soup or curry is a winter essential, so why not bring it on a day out with you too? P.s this is also a great way to use up leftovers – we’re looking at you, stew.

Here are some of our favourite warm picnic food recipes:

Who said that cold food wasn’t allowed either? Sometimes all you need is a sandwich to get you through the day. You can mix and match too – soup and a sandwich is, like, the OG lunch choice.

Here are some of our favourite cold lunches:

Our top tips for winter picnic success:

  • If you’re eating outside, bring something waterproof to sit on – nobody wants a cold bum in winter...
  • Don’t forget cutlery!! (If you opted for finger foods, you’re safe from this one)
  • Bring some blankets for a cosier experience
  • Napkins for any messes (we know what it’s like)
  • Suncream – don't tut, we hear you. The sun is still strong in winter (even in the UK)
  • Hand sanitiser, for before and after you eat
  • A rubbish bag, so you don’t leave any mess behind
  • Bring snacks too – think hummus and veggies, crisps and biscuits (that’ll keep the kids happy)
  • If you're braving particularly cold weather go for low water content foods so they won't freeze - fruit is a no go when it's really icy out

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