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So, When do UK Theme Parks Reopen in 2023?

Are you counting down the days until your favourite theme parks reopen? Us too, don't worry. Here are the dates to get in your calendar.

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Coaster junkies, it’s almost your time... Finally, the wait is almost over. It's just two months until theme park season well and truly kicks off.

Looking for the specifics on when your favourite theme parks reopen this Spring? We’ve got the 411 that you coaster-lovers need.

So, when does Alton Towers Resort reopen this year? - March 18th

Ahhhh Alton Towers, the OG British theme park day out. Bet you guys are chuffed for this one to reopen.

If your family is looking for something different to do during February half term, why not check out Alton Towers’ epic events? With a pirate theme, there are adventures to be had, family-friendly rides to be ridden and sea chanteys aplenty. (Open February 11th-26th)

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When does Thorpe Park Resort reopen this year? - March 24th

Be prepared to say hello to Thorpe Park a week after Alton Towers reopens for the year – the perfect opportunity to visit both first days open of the season if you ask us.

If you’re keen on rollercoasters that’ll leave you soaked, Thorpe Park is the one for you. With an 85ft drop on Tidal Wave, the iconic Rumba Rapids and a splashy time at the 64ft drop on Storm Surge, you’ll probably wish you brought a towel with you.

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When does Blackpool Pleasure Beach reopen this year? - March 18th

Looking for a moment of nostalgia? Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a treat for the kids and for the older folks (who went 'back in the day' - expect to hear that line a lot).

The park hasn’t lost its shine either, with rides for everyone (thrill seekers, Nickelodeon lovers and families alike) you’re bound to have a fun packed day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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When does LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort reopen this year? - February 11th

Whilst this isn’t their full reopening date for the year, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids on a day out during February half term. There's literally over 55 rides, live shows and attractions over the 150 acre plot - so you best get started ASAP if you wanna get them all ticked off before the end of summer.

Open dates: February 11th – 20th & 24th – 26th

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