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Your Not-So-Basic Christmas To-Do List

Looking for some super-duper Christmassy things to do? We've got all you need to know.

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It’s a well-known fact that Christmas is probably the best time of year – but knowing which things to do during December (or even November, if that’s your thing) can be quite difficult. Between Christmas markets, movie marathons and present shopping, it can all get a little... repetitive?

Don’t worry though, our Christmas things to do won't bore you, we promise - the kids will love 'em too.

Oh, did we mention that all of these options are free Christmas activities? Here at Days Out, we're all about saving money where you can. We've got a bunch of other money saving tips for you to check out here.

Christmas Baking

This kinda thing is straight out of one of those guilty pleasures Netflix Christmas films – you know the ones with everyone in their festive jumpers baking cakes and cookies on Christmas Eve? But let's be honest, it doesn’t always turn out so Insta-grammable... More like a scene out of a floury horror film.

Baking anything traditionally Christmassy (or even anything that has a sprinkling of cinnamon or nutmeg) fits the bill for this one. And if baking ain’t your thing, don’t panic, loads of supermarkets have pre-made biscuits and icing sets, so you can just decorate – aka the best part.

Decorate your creations as reindeer, Christmas trees or Santa himself – if you want to make it a tad more competitive, set out a challenge on who can design the best biscuits (loser cleans up the mess, sorry, we don’t make the rules).

DIY Decorations

Your parents probably told you about the ‘good old days’ when all decorations were homemade with nothing but paper and a piece of string – but honestly, we think they were onto something.

Buying new decorations every year isn’t trendy anymore – it isn’t very sustainable and can get expensive pretty quick (that’s what the millennials tell us, anyway).

You don’t need to just use stuff you have in the house either, head out to the forest and collect some pinecones (for making your own Christmas wreath, obviously) and twigs that'll make great DIY tree ornaments (especially if you paint them white and hit them with a healthy dose of glitter).
Don’t fancy heading out? Use scrap paper (which you can colour in for extra pizzazz) to create paper chains which you can almost literally hang from every part of your home. Feeling classic? Make paper snowflakes for a primary school throwback.

Head to a Christmas Lights Display

Whether it’s a street near you who go all-out with Christmas decs or an organised event of Christmas lights somewhere local, it’ll be magical either way.

There’s just something so quintessentially Christmassy about wrapping up in your warmest layers and going for a stroll around some festive lights. Add a hot chocolate or mulled wine and you’re basically at peak levels of Christmassy-ness (that’s a word, right?).

If you're lacking in local events, most towns and cities will have some lights scattered around, so if you want to do some festive shopping AND see absolutely adorable lights, you're sorted.

Feel like decorating your own house? If you're willing to spend time scowering the likes of IKEA and B&Q (sounds like our perfect night-out), you'll have plenty of neon festivities to wrap your house in.

Volunteer your time

Christmas is a joyful time of year, but not everyone is in a fortunate position – so why not volunteer your time to help at a rough sleeper shelter or food bank?

Even a few hours at the weekend really help out charities at Christmas – but if you don’t have time to spare, you can donate online or drop food bank donations off at local supermarkets and shops.

Find homeless volunteer opportunities near you at this link.

Find food banks near you at this link.

Did our suggestions fit the bill? We hope so.

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