Our guide to the best days out in Cornwall

Cornwall’s an old Celtic area with its own special vibe. You can spot seals, whales and dolphins off its cracking coastline (if you’re lucky), hike its lovely hills and spend time in hippy locations like St Ives and historical spots like Penzance.

Bodmin Jail

When this Cornish clink was built in 1779, it was actually ahead of its time with separate cells for men and women, hot water... Keep reading

Camel Creek Adventure Park

This Cornish family theme park is home to over 60 rides and attractions kids'll love. From cult classics like the carousel to rollercoasters, a... Keep reading

Days out in Cornwall

Into legends? Buy the locals a beer and they’ll tell you all about King Arthur and the local pixies. The local pasties are famous for a reason (nom nom) and if you’re into cheese, their yarg is chef’s kiss.

Kids love Camel Creek water park (there’s a zoo and farm there too), and Blue Reef aquarium in Newquay has 2000 creatures including rays and sharks. If you fancy some horrible history, check out Bodmin Jail – open from 1779 to 1927, 50 people were hanged there and it’s supposedly haunted.

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Did you know?

Cornwall’s the only county in England with its own language. The lovely-sounding Kernewek is related to Welsh and Breton.

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