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25 Influencer-worthy Insta captions for Christmas

Is your feed lacking in festive content? We've got the captions, you take the pics - dream combo if you ask us.

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If there’s one thing we know about Christmas, it’s that it’s frickin’ adorable (and probably your best opportunity for Insta pics for the next few months). So, you’re gonna need some killer captions - that’s where we come into things...

Without further a-do, here our best and brightest Instagram captions for Christmas (some funny, some clever and some classics).

  1. Baby, it’s cold outside
  2. Jingle all the way
  3. Someone pass me a hot chocolate and a crepe
  4. ‘Tis the season
  5. Fa la la la
  6. *Puts a selfie on top of the Christmas tree because I’m a star
  7. Hibernation mode: activated
  8. My four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.
  9. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.
  10. Dreaming of a white Christmas
  11. Merry Elfin Christmas
  12. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle
  13. Let the overeating begin!
  14. I’m only a morning person on December 25th
  15. Sparkly bows and mistletoe
  16. Ho Ho Ho
  17. ‘Tis the season of crappy Netflix Xmas movies
  18. Let it snow
  19. Freezing cold
  20. One day of coal for 364 days of fun? I’ll take my chances
  21. Walking in a winter wonderland
  22. Someone pass me a hot chocolate pls
  23. *Plays Santa Baby by Ariana Grande
  24. We’re the reason Santa checks his list twice
  25. Dear Santa, I can explain...

You've got the captions, but you need some pictures? Get cosied up with our 50 Christmas activities for a super-cute photoshoot, or our out-of-the-ordinary festive things to do to get some unique pics - you're sooo welcome.

Oh, and if you're looking to get some good family pictures, where better to go than Santa's Grotto? But if all else fails, you'll probably be safe with just some happy snaps by the Christmas tree - ta da.

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