Our guide to the best days out in Chertsey

Leafy. Lush. Close to cracking theme parks. There’s more to Chertsey than you might think.


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Days out in Chertsey

Best to bring your car if you’re taking the kids here. Then you can bundle them in the back for trips to the likes of Thorpe Park and JB Waterski. Or to watch you whiz round the track at Mercedes Benz World.

What else can you get up to in this serene Surrey town?

Chertsey Abbey is great for fans of horrible history (9th Century Vikings killed a shedload of monks). And the Magna Carta was signed nearby at Runnymede (much better news). You can hire a boat and cruise up the Thames. Or if that sounds a bit keen, grab a pint and pub lunch at Thyme at the Tavern.

A laid-back rural location with easy transport links, Chertsey’s a good pick for a South East break.

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A little nugget about Chertsey

The town grew up around the Abbey which was built waaaayyy back in 666.

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