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New Year's Resolutions: Day Out Edition

Looking for some day out resolutions you can stick with? We've got the 411 on what you should start doing.

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January tends to be that time of year when we pick up new, healthy habits and lose them by February. But we’re seeking for an end in this never-ending cycle – let's set some resolutions we can stick with, right?

This will specifically cover days out resolutions to stick by – so don’t be expecting any doolaly about running marathons or dieting. Cheers to that.

Start booking in advance

Trust us, we’ve been there booking last minute days out. But as a rule, we like to be prepared. Booking in-advance will also save you some cash too – we’ve talked about this (and other money-saving tips) in our blog all about hacks for a cheap day out.

Bring a picnic

This is another fab money-saving technique... We’re picnic kinda people - rain or shine we will have snacks (and sometimes full meals) in our bag waiting for lunchtime, no regrets. Why don’t you check out our favourite winter picnic ideas (and tips ‘n’ tricks)?

Buy multi tickets where possible

If you’re visiting a busy touristy city like London or Blackpool, you’ll probably be visiting a lot of attractions. So, why wouldn’t you wanna get more bang for your buck? Multi-tickets can save you loaaads of money, especially if you’re buying for the whole fam.

Always have a to-do list

Whether you use this list to make sure you don’t forget anything or to plan your day out, we couldn’t care less – any to-do list is a good to-do list. We love using to do lists to remind us of all the stuff we need to get done before the day out – think lunch-making, packing layers and making sure we have the address.

Make sure you’ve got your tickets

No one wants to arrive at their day out, only to realise you’ve forgotten the most important thing – the tickets. We’ve all been there and it’s safe to say, it’s not a nice place. Sometimes tickets are printed (booooo), but some places – just like us – have mobile tickets (aka good for the environment, and much easier to keep a hold of).

Know where you're going

Checking the address of your end location a day or two before you’re set to leave can come in really handy – it's saved our bacon a few times. Sometimes popping the address into Google Maps does the job, but other times you can end up in a field thinking ‘where on Earth is Alton Towers?’

Explore somewhere local

Your day out doesn’t have to be exotic to be interesting, seriously. We’re all about discovering how being a tourist in your own city. There’s just something really unique about discovering new things in your hometown (doesn’t have to be anything extravagant though, think simple).

Try new things

We’re aware of the perks that a familiar attraction holds. You know you’re gonna like it, you know where you’re going, and you’re prepared for any kiddy breakdowns – all sounds great. But 2023 should be the year of new things, so why not tick off some bucket list activities? BTW if you’re looking for something really crazy to do, we think you should try swimming with sharks at Bear Grylls Adventure.

Explore Eco-friendly travel

Cars are cool ‘n’ all, but wouldn’t it feel nice to go on a day out which is a little better for the environment? Trains are a great option (especially if you fancy a day out from London by train), and we’ve also collected our favourite days out by coach – which are connected to locations across the country. What else could you ask for?

Visit limited-time events

Nothing makes a day out more special than knowing it’s only temporary – you're one of the lucky ones that saw it before it let ‘n’ all that. Why not attend the Peaky Blinders The Rise, a new interactive experience in Camden?

The travel and attraction industries are starting to be ruled by trends – we're looking at you VR and interactive experiences. So, if you want to keep up with it all, you should really keep an eye out for the 2023 travel and day out trends. We think that random travel will be a big trend in 2023, with travellers looking for experiences that get them out of their comfort zone.

Use free attractions to your advantage

If it wasn't already obvious, we love a cheap day out - bonus points if it's free - so it's no surprise that we'll take advantage of any free attractions we come across. If you're heading to London with tight purse strings (aren't we all), why not check out our favourite free attractions that'll help you save cash in the capital?

At Days Out, you can book the UK’s best attractions (y’know the proper FOMO inducing ones?) -- we know where’s perfect for you. Find your next adventure.