Our guide to the best days out in Dunstable

Rolling hills, a world-class zoo, top history – Dunstable’s definitely worth a second look.

Whipsnade Zoo

One of the nice things about Whipsnade Zoo is that it’s in 600 acres of Bedfordshire countryside – so you’ll see animals like peacocks... Keep reading

Days out in Dunstable

Whipsnade Zoo is definitely the main attraction and with 3,900 animals, it’s probably got a few Sir David Attenborough hasn’t even heard of. There are crowd-pleasers like giraffes, tigers, hippos and lions too though: you won’t spend the whole time asking ‘what even is that?’

Fancy a bit of history? Dunstable Priory was founded in 1132 by King Henry I and (according to ‘tinternet) is ‘one of the finest Norman Romanesque buildings in Britain’. Not really sure what that means but maybe he was the architect? Sounds a bit full of himself.

And if you want to see a cracking show in the evening, check out what’s on at the Grove Theatre. Located in a nice spot at Grove House Gardens, it puts on plays, musicals, live music shows and pantomimes.

To the east of Dunstable, you’ll also find Blow’s Downs – where you can taste wild pignuts. Which, of course, are a bit like chestnuts. No ‘I’m a celebrity…’ style cuisine here.

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Did you know?

Dunstable has the world’s largest collection of walking sticks. There are over 1,000 in the Dunstable Museum from all over the world – now there’s something your TikTok teens will love!

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