Our guide to the best days out in Buckinghamshire

Looking for a Southeast county with lovely scenery?

Waddesdon Manor

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Days out in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire’s got The Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (rolling hills, deer, and badgers), The River Thames (ducks and kingfishers), and Aylesbury (its historic country town).

It’s pretty posh (the county flag is a swan in a golden crown). And it has stately buildings like Waddesdon Manor (top filming spot for TV period dramas) and Blenheim Palace (Winston Churchill’s childhood home).

But there’s some great stuff for kids too – Gulliver’s Land Resort in Milton Keynes has over 70 rides for 2-13 year olds, and Gulliver’s Farm and Dinosaur Park is nearby (animatronic dinosaurs and real reptiles and farm animals).

Fancy a cheeky pint or G&T? Try The Eagle in Amersham or The Oarsman in Marlow.

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Loads of telly faves were filmed in this neck of the woods. Like Bridgerton, The Crown, and Downton Abbey.

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