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Our Fav Things to do During February Half Term

Looking for something new to do during February half-term? We've got plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

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Let’s be real, February half term is nobody’s favourite school holiday. It’s still pretty dark out and you’ve got a high chance of sleet, snow and ice – and not in the cute, festive way.

But we’re on a mission to make February half term fun, are you up for that?

Here are our favourite things to do during February half term.

Check out an event

Turn It Up: The Power of Music

This event at the Science and Industry Museum is open until May 21st, 2023 and is the perfect edition to your half term activities. Your kiddos will learn about the science of music and its mysterious hold over us – they’ll find out how it drives us to create, perform, feel and share.

The Little Mermaid - The Bolton Half-Term Pantomime

A panto is the perfect excuse to get out the house and have a bit of fun – and there’s usually plenty of sneaky jokes for the adults. Exepect to see Divina De Campo from Ru Paul’s Drag UK starring in this half-term panto too.


Now this is a day out to remember. When was the last time your kids could brag about driving a JCB? We’re betting never. There are 20 rides and drives included in your standard admission ticket, so you won’t be short of stuff to do – and there’s added extra for £1 a go, don’t forget to bring some spare change.

Oh, and this isn’t just for the kids either. They have loads of adult experience days like Dumper Truck Raing, a JCB experience and the Monster Digger Experience – phwoar.

Overseas holiday

Cheap flights are plentiful in the earlier months of the year. You can snag a trip to loads of European cities for less than a train to London – so, why wouldn’t you?

Jack’s Flight Club is where we’d check for bargain flights, but SkyScanner is pretty good too.

We reckon you should head to a snowy city to really get those wintery Insta pics posted before Spring rolls around – think Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin or Vilnius.

Or... Get the same effect at an Indoor ski slope

If you don’t feel like forking out for a few days away, there are tonnes of indoor ski slopes across the UK that will give you the same effect (without having to spend three hours at the airport too, winner).

Check out Mountain's top indoor ski slopes in the UK here.

Be a tourist somewhere local

A staycation can be just as glamorous as a trip abroad – you heard it here first. And even if you don’t want to venture any further out than your local city, that’s fine. We happened to think that learning how to be a tourist in your own city can be highly rewarding - and fun, of course.

From learning about local history and hitting your bucket list spots to finding epic view spots and trying out new transportation, there are so many things you can do from the comfort of your own city.

Feel like travelling further afar? We reckon you should tick some of our favourite foodie cities off your list. Think Newcastle street food, Edinburgh quirky eats and Bristol brunches.

Free things to do


We know this is kind of an average free day out suggestion, but museums never fail to be a fun day of exploring. They don’t have to be boring either, there’s museums for pretty much everything these days. Some of our favourites: House of Marbles (Devon), The Flea Collection (Tring National History Museum) and the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (Cornwall).

Get Active

Not only is most exercise free, but it’s also a great way to release some endorphins. Oh, and it can be really fun. A family bike ride or long walk at the forest normally does the trick, but we're also keen on National Trust visits (it's just like going on any other walk, but just a tad more special). They're the perfect spot for budding David Attenboroughs too - there's loads of wildlife to watch and discover.

Something Cosy

February weather usually calls for at least one day spent inside – but that doesn’t have to mean it’s any less fun.

We’re massive fans of movie days, so it’s a great opportunity to have the most extravagant comfy day ever. Try pimping up your living room into a giant fort with loads of blankets, pillows and snacks. If you’re feeling extra fancy, why not project a film onto a wall or screen?

Why not channel your inner Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood in an at-home Bake Off competition? Challenge your young’uns with a recipe to try out and spend the day perfecting your creations.

If you want to make it into a mini-series for your half-term, try a new recipe every day and rate each one out of 10 – getting the kids to cook all meals for a week, sounds like the perfect school holiday.

Looking for some other half-term shenanigans? We've also collected our favourite things to do during October half-term (and if that wasn't enough, we've got some failsafe indoor days out too).

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