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Check Out These Wholesome & Fun Outdoor Activities

These outdoor activities are a win-win, they're fun-packed, will get you outside and genuinely won't break the bank. What else could you ask for?

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POV: You’ve been saying that you’re gonna spend some time outside at the weekend for the past month, and surprise surprise, you still haven’t done it. Take this as a not-so-polite reminder to get outside, you lazy buggers.

When the internet (ironically) tells you about the science behind fresh air providing us with a serotonin hit, you should actually believe it. Even 5 minutes of wandering around your garden or local area can bring you some serious happiness.

So, if you’re looking for something wonderfully wholesome and fun to do outside, check out this list of fun outdoor activities.

Oh, and we’re all about busting the myth that you can’t do anything useful or interesting after work – say goodbye to slumping into the sofa 5-nights a week.

1. Be a tourist in your own city

Gun to your head, could you be the perfect tour guide for your own city? We’re not just talking about a mediocre walk-about either. We want fun facts, historic gems and the ultimate insight into where to go and why exactly we should trust your opinion over any other geezer.

Hence why we created the ultimate guide to becoming a tourist in your own city - be prepared to impress your out-of-towner friends on their next visit - you're welcome.

2. Look for street art

If you live in a city and don’t fancy trekking out to some leafy-green walking spot, simply explore the city streets in search of cool street art. It can be just as effective in providing you with fresh air, and you'll spot some pretty cool graffiti.

3. Plant a garden

Now we really mean it when we say it, size doesn’t matter. Whether your garden is three plant pots stuffed with herbs or a tropical oasis in your back garden, it’ll do the job. There’s just something so therapeutic (and rewarding, if you do it right) about planting. Make it a group affair and invite people round to help create the best garden possible - kids will absolutely love getting stuck in, especially if you make a mud pie or two.

4. Alfresco Dining

Now, whether you want this one to be romantic (candle lit with wine), practical (hello, ham butties and crisps) or fun (a themed picnic could never go wrong, right?), the options are endless – and you can’t say that about many things.

Oh, and don't be saying that you 'can't have a picnic in winter it's far too cold' - our tips and tricks for winter picnics will change the game for you.

5. Stargaze

If you’re savvy enough to have thought about this in advance, you could probably find a super-cool comet or asteroid to look out for, but if not, that’s where the internet comes in handy. There are loads of useful websites to explore like Go Stargazing and this full moon calendar – so you’ll feel like a pro naming the stars.

6. Take a hike

Ok, so the word ‘hike’, may be a little generous. To be completely honest, we’d consider any walk with a slight incline to be a hike. So, take this as the opportunity to coin any weekend walk as a hike – everyone will be well impressed.

Based in Greater Manchester? You're in luck because we just happened to know 10 Country walks near Manchester perfect for you.

7. Go on a scavenger hunt

This one takes a little forward planning but is definitely worth it as a weekend excursion to remember. Explore a town or city of your choice, finding clues, completeing tasks and probably making an idiot of yourself a bit too - that's just how it goes.

Oh, and luckily, we created our own little guide to planning the ultimate scavenger hunt.

8. Outdoor concert

Now this is practically the definition of a non-boring outdoor activity. Luckily, if you're in the UK, most of these lovely outdoor concerts are held from May to September (phew), so it's a great excuse to chuck some suncream on, grab a Pimm's and dance about with your mates.

Check out these top UK outdoor shows in 2023.

9. Read outside

Instead of snuggling up with your book on the sofa, we reckon you mix things up and sit at the park, beach or in the garden instead. This is a great way to get outside (whilst doing something you wanted to do anyway) and ultimately having a main character moment - because that's always the goal.

10. Theme Park

Fancy getting some adrenaline kicks while you’re spending some time outside? A theme park is definitely the best thing for you. Your step count after a day at the likes of Alton Towers Resort and Thorpe Park Resort (our favourites, obviously) will be impressive to say the least.

11. Volunteer

Clean up your local area by volunteering, or simply by doing so on your own regard. Grab a roll of bin bags, some friends, a can-do attitude and prepare to get to work. Not only are you doing a good deed, but you're also getting fresh air and having fun with your mates - winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Check out the Marine Conservation Society's beach cleans here.

12. Yoga

Yoga is one of those mindful things we all wish we could say we do every day. But let’s be real, after finishing work, making dinner and sitting down for the first time in hours, no one wants to get back up and stretch on the floor for half an hour. So, that’s why we reckon you should give this one a go outside, away from all that weekday stress – oh, and bonus points if it’s on a beach at sunset.

13. Sign up for a sport

Not only are team sports a load of fun, but they’re also a fab way to make friends (or enemies...) This is a fab example of finding something fulfilling to do after work that gets you outside. So, whether you fancy trying out volleyball, hockey or rugby, there are loads of places to start.

14. Bird watching

Another great mindful-yet-fun outdoor activity, get settled somewhere quiet in a forest or field, grab a flask of tea and be prepared for life to slow down as you watch bird going about their day-to-day.

15. Check out a view

Heading to a view spot is another great excuse for getting outside. Realistically you only have to be outside for a few minutes to take in a good ol’ view, but we reckon you can make it last a few hours by grabbing lunch (or a picnic).

Stuck for views to visit? Check out our favourite Insta-worthy view spots.

16. Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

Speaking of views, there’s nothing quite like catching a glimpse of the sunrise or sunset. Whether you fancy an early morning walk, rewarded by an amazing sunrise or if you’d rather settle down for a low-key cosy sunset view with blankets and snacks, your body will thank you for the fresh air either way.

This is definitely one of our favourite wholesome outdoor activities.

17. Visit a historic site

The UK is literally packed with historic sites, you don’t just have to visit the biggun’s either – check out the National Trust locations near you. Our favourite way to visit is by heading on a walk about when we first arrive, swiftly followed by a café visit (aka soup and a butty or a scone and a cuppa – winner).

If you’re in it for the history, we reckon you should try out one of our favourite days out perfect for history buffs.

18. Colchester Zoo

Zoos are the perfect way to get outside whilst also checking out some pretty cool animals. And Colchester is definitely no exception. There’s Kingdom of the Wild, a savannah environment for a range of African species like giraffes, zebra and rhino (don’t worry, these lot usually mix in the wild).

19. Bear Grylls Adventure

Whilst not all the activities at this spot are outdoor-exclusive, spending the day at Bear Grylls Adventure will feel like an expedition itself. Get yourself on the High Ropes for some fresh air (while suspended up high), and don’t forget to check out the Assault Course (free entry included with every ticket, winner).

20. Thames Rockets

In the capital feeling like you need a bit more ‘umph’ added to your jaunt out? Check out Thames Rockets and their epic fast speedboat trips based on London’s iconic River Thames. We’d recommend this one for before lunch – wouldn’t want to risk seeing it twice.

21. Warwick Castle

This castle’s grounds are incredible, huge and green – Are we describing the Hulk? Not intentionally...

Not only could you spend hours just wandering around the castle’s gardens, but there are also a load of fun outdoor activities to try out. Amp up the medieval feel by trying out Archery or watching some Jousting and Falconry – oh, we can’t forget the Horrible Histories Maze (enter at your own risk).

22. Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Now, we’ve already mentioned theme parks and zoos, but this one is an epic hybrid of the two. Nosey at the ferocious tigers as you hurtle past at top speeds on the Tiger Rock ride and meet the rest of the 1,000 exotic species living at Chessington Resort.

At Days Out, you can book the UK’s best attractions (y’know the proper FOMO inducing ones?) -- we know where’s perfect for you. Find your next adventure.