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Not-so-basic Valentine's Day Ideas for Families, Friends and Couples

Valentine's Day ain't just for the lovers. We've put together a big ol' list of things to do for families, friends and couples alike.

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Ah Valentine's Day, the holiday of love, who doesn't love it? You're right. A lot of people don't.

We're going to change that with our non-basic things to do for Valentine's Day PSA: you don't need to be in a couple to participate.


Now, Valentine’s Day was designed for you lot, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do what everyone else does.

We reckon this is your chance to show your creative side and really mix things up.

So, come on lovebirds, lets get planning your epic Valentine's Day.

A Night Out

Get together and plan your ultimate date night – we're talking your date night of dreams. Everything from how to get there (horse and carriage, obviously) to the food you want to eat (a KFC never hurt anyone), plan it all.

If you can’t decide anything, take is an opportunity to have a creative moment. Write up the options and pick them out of a hat, try a coin toss or let a friend decide for you.

A Night In

Sometimes a night in is way more romantic than a dinner date at a busy restaurant, eating an overpriced set menu – and we’re all about a cosy night in.

Again, use it as an opportunity to set up the perfect cosy night in. Make that fort, buy those snacks and plan out the movie selection. Extra brownie points can be awarded for making a romantic candle lit dinner together – that’s straight out of a Netflix rom-com.

Nature Time

If you’re both nature lovers, why not head out on a walk or hike? Another excuse to write up your favourite spots and pick names out of a hat. And if the location is a tad further away, really make a day of it – we're talking about making a playlist, packing snacks and playing road trip games.

Don’t forget to take some picture for Insta too – everyone wants to be * that * healthy couple.

Go to a Class

You’re probably thinking, ‘really?’ Yes, really. Not only can this be a massive laugh, but you’re also learning a new skill or hobby. Going to classes (or just one), for Salsa, painting or learning a new language is a great way to spend time together as a couple – and you’ll end up with some great memories from it.

Treat Yourselves

Instead of buying each other a Valentine’s Day gift or spending loads on dinner, pool the money together and treat yourselves to a spa day. Go all out on massages, pampers and manicures – maybe even include a sneaky afternoon tea too.

If you’re not material people, this kind of experience together will be much more valuable.

Get Creative

Say no to buying gifts and challenge yourselves to creating a gift – but only with things you already have in the house. If you think that’s too much, try making each other a Valentine’s Day card instead. Get creative with glue, pasta shapes and glitter – possibly a recipe for disaster.

Plan a Staycation

Getting away for a couple days is a great way to mix things up and make your typical weekend feel a lot longer. We reckon you should give Blackpool a go, it's the perfect staycation for a Strictly fan.


Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all about the couples, showing the love for your family members is pretty much the perfect way to spend the day.

Mix things up with fun and exciting days out too - the kids will genuinely love it so much.

Oh, and if you don't fancy doing anything on Valentine's Day itself, why not save the excitement for an epic February half-term? We've got loads of ideas for what you should be doing during February half-term.


How come people only ever decorate for Christmas and Halloween? We reckon Valentine’s Day should fit on the roster too. Grab loads of pink, red and white coloured paper and get to work. You can make paper chains, heart garlands and add to the fun with themed snacks (anything heart-shaped fits the bill).

Find Love in Nature

Use this as a teaching opportunity – and parents just love those, don’t they. Head out on a walk and look for signs of love in nature, like birds building nests and animals cuddling.

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Movie Night

Stick on some PG rom-coms and animated movies – they have some good love stories, you know. If your kids are a bit older, try some of the classic romance films we all know and love – think The Notebook, Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Proposal. Maybe even try a family poll to decide which romantic films you’ll watch that evening.

Disco Time

Be prepared to dance the night away with the whole fam. Any old love songs are great to dance to – but it’s even better if you decide to try a romantic dance, like the tango or waltz. (Don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance, there’s tonnes of YouTube videos out there which’ll help you out.

Explore a New Area

Get the whole fam out and about for a bit of fresh air on Valentine's Day - some of our favourites are a day out in wales or exploring the activities on offer in Essex. There's loads you can do all across the country, so why not give a new area a go?

For Everyone

It's not all about the lovers on Valentine's Day - grab your friends, family, pets and more to celebrate.

We're all about sharing your Valentine's Day with everyone you love - you won't be short of stuff to do.

Not just the basics remember, things everyone will simply love.

Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt around your local area is a great way to get out of the house whilst also having a bit of fun – especially if you include areas that have sentimental value. If you’re heading out in a bigger group, adding challenges to the scavenger hunt will really amp up the competition – and of course having a winner and a loser makes things extra interesting... Prepare for tantrums.

Time Capsule

It’s time to make a time capsule of your relationship (or family). Grab photos, mementos, love letters and future aspirations – lock it all away for opening on a future Valentine’s Day.

Plan a Day Out

Heading out to a local city (or even one slightly further afar) for a day out makes for a great Valentine’s Day. We’re big believers in being a tourist in your own city – you'd be surprised by how much you can explore). But we also love a trip out to another city, especially if it’s one of our favourite foodie cities.

Games Night

An elite evening if you asked us. Let everyone vote on their favourite board games and prepare for an evening of laughs, cheating accusations and ‘sore loser’ comments. If you’ve got young’uns in your group, you can keep the games far more PG with classics like Cluedo and Scrabble, but if you’re all of age – Cards Against Humanity is our fav.

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