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Ultimate Guide: Planning the Perfect Romantic Surprise Day Out

Looking to surprise your significant other? We've got all the advice you need, my friend.

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Planning a romantic day out is one of those things that everyone should know how to do. (And if you didn't know before, you're about to learn.)

FYI: when we say romantic, we don’t mean something out of Love Actually or Bridget Jones’ Diary – we just mean something out of the ordinary, something special. You catch our drift?

Make sure you have a plan

We’re firm believers that something booked in-advance is more likely to go smoothly (but no guarantees, so don’t hold us to that). So, if you want to plan a romantic day out, you best be planning at least a week or two before.

Every detail from travel to tickets and dining is best done ahead of time – take it from us, we’re the professionals.

Not only will being organised make for an all-round better day out, but it can also save you some cash too – why wouldn’t you wanna do that? We know for a fact that our attractions are cheaper booked in-advance – so, why would we tell you? That’s because we’re super-duper nice. Obviously.

(We also like to think of ourselves as bargain day out experts, so why not check out our top tips for saving cash on a day out?)

Where to go on your romantic day out

Now, this one really depends on what you and your date partner are into.

Adrenaline lover? Head to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park (when they’re open of course, watch out for those sneaky winter close dates).

If you absolutely love exploring foodie spots together, keep your eye out for local food festivals

But if they’re more into spending time in nature, try planning a walking route somewhere they've always wanted to visit.

And don’t forget the romantics of being a tourist in your own city – head to a popular spot that neither of you have been to before, it’s surprisingly fun.

Here are some of our top date spots:

SEA LIFE Loch Lomond – the perfect indoor activity

Bear Grylls Adventure – for trying new things London Eye – for the most epic views of London

Warwick castle – for romantic nature walks ‘n’ historic learning

What to do on a suprise romantic day out

Don't want to go out? That's okay. Surprising your partner doesn't have to consist of sweeping them off their feet with a massive romantic gesture, it could be as simple as you'd like.

Some quick-fire ideas:

  • Have a movie day (watching their favourites only)
  • Buy tickets to see their favourite singer
  • Let them choose the date from four options
  • Go see a drive-in movie
  • Ask them what their ideal day would look like, then make it happen!

See? We're all about a romantic day out, but sometimes the little things make for the best day.

Getting there

Whether you fancy driving, getting train or bus (or even walking) to your chosen destination, the journey is a vital part of the day out – especially if you’re travelling far.

Try whipping up a Spotify playlist for the occasion, grabbing some snacks or dropping hints along the way for the end location.

We happened to think playlists are a vital part of days out, so it’s probably worth following our Spotify (and keeping an eye out for when we post next).

Deciding on the food

The food you choose to have on this romantic day out can really set the scene – and you can use that to your advantage.

So, your significant other isn’t into extravagant or expensive meals? Grab a KFC and enjoy the simple joys.

But if your partner is a foodie through and through (firstly, check out our favourite foodie cities), really put some time and effort into finding a good spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three if you’re feeling really generous).

How to keep it a surprise?

Keep your lips sealed. For those who hate keeping secrets, this will be a really difficult one.

Maybe think of blindfolding your partner until you arrive (with their permission, of course), or revealing no information until you arrive – really drag it out ‘til you’re literally at the door (yes, even if they guess correctly).

For you last-minute Larrys

You’ve already broken the first rule of day out planning, but we believe you can redeem yourself. As soon as you know where you wanna go, just book it. None of this ‘Oh I’ll book it after work’ - Janice from HR will understand the urgency, promise.
At the end of the day, just remember not to panic. The general rule is: if you know you can get there (and you know your day out companion is free), everything will probably be alright.

And TBH, sometimes we’re about making the most of when everything starts to go wrong – those days often make for the best stories (basically, take both the bad and good in your stride).

Feel like mixing it up?

Instead of any usual surprise day out, why not plan a scavenger hunt for your significant other? Luckily, we have a handy guide to planning a scavenger hunt for you to read – wow, it’s almost as if that was, I don’t know, planned?

If you're looking for other date inspiration, we've got loads for you to explore. From no-alcohol outtings to out-of-the-ordinary dates, you won't be short of ideas.

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